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Arrester follow current


If single arresters are used on power supply circuits, if the arrester begins to work upon detecting an irregular voltage, after the irregular voltage has been cleared there is sometimes a phenomenon where the connected supply voltage continues to discharge (known as the follow current phenomenon). To prevent this, arresters should not be used singly as irregular voltage protection on power supply circuits.
The arrester follow current be determined by the voltage and current characteristics. In the case of DC power supply, when the power supply voltage is lower than the arc voltage, or is below the glow potential, if the short-circuit current is of the order of several tens of mA, there will be no follow current. For AC power supply, since the voltage and current zero points are passed through, the discharge momentarily stops, but since there is sometimes re-ignition during the next semi-cycle, the same countermeasures as for direct current are required.  (Please enquire for details.)

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