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Lightning observation devices  

We have a range of products that are designed to cover from lightning observation to analysis and the detection and warning of the approach of lightning strikes, etc.


Strike Guard (lightning proximity alarm sensor)


Strike Guard (lightning proximity alarm sensor)



Strike Guard

Strike Guard employs the latest cutting-edge technology required for lightning safety devices and equipment protection applications.
Strike Guard measures cloud to cloud discharge and cloud to earth discharge and issues a warning signal at a threshold programmed by the user.
Our patented optical signal processing and optical matching technology prevent false alarms.


Strike Guard special features

・Automatic alarm distance selectable
・32km detection range
・No false alarms
・Patented technology
・Sensor and communication self testing
・Battery powered for easy installation
・Fiber optic communication for excellent permanence
・NEMA 4X (non-explosion proof type) housing
・Battery backup provided for Lightning Data Receiver
・Lightning Data Receiver uses beep and relay contacts to issue lighting warnings and sensor defect alarms.


Installation: Equipped with metal brackets for rooftop installation.
Installation conditions: Requires enough space to install sensors.
Communication: Equipped with 30m fiber optical cable
Battery: Lithium battery (minimum 4 years continuous use type)