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Lightning observation equipment  

These devices perform an array of functions, from lightning observation to analysis and detection and warning of lightning strikes, etc.


Strike Guard (lightning proximity warning sensor)


Strike Guard (lightning proximity warning sensor)



Strike Guard

Strike Guard employs state-of-the-art technology in lightning safety devices and equipment protection applications. Strike Guard monitors cloud to cloud discharge and cloud to earth discharge and emits a warning signal at a threshold set by the user. A patented optical signal processing and optical matching technology ensures against false alarms.


Strike Guard features

・Automatic warning distances are selectable
・32km detection range
・No false alarms
・Patented technology
・Sensor and communication self testing
・Battery powered simple installation
・Highly durable fiber optic communication
・NEMA 4X (non explosion-proof) housing
・Lightning Data Receiver equipped with battery pack
・Lightning Data Receiver uses beep tone and relay contacts to deliver lightning warnings and sensor failure alerts.


Installation: Device comes with metal brackets to enable rooftop installation.
Installation conditions: Sufficient space to install sensor
Communication: 30m fiber optic cable provided
Battery: Lithium battery (able to be used continuously for a minimum of 4 years)