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Thiết bị bảo vệ chống cháy nổ loại EX


Explosion-proof protective device EX type



This protective device can be used in explosion proof areas. It is an explosion-proof protective device box that has been developed mainly to provide protection to telemetry equipment used in petrochemical plants, etc. The product has an explosion-proof structure that means it can be used safely in locations where there is a risk of gas vapor, etc. It features a built-in JP, Y49 type protective device.


Certification of Explosion-proof is only applied in Japan.  
In other countries case, please consult to us.

Main performance features
Format name Built-in SPD Use
EX-JP-D2 type JP-D2 type Public and general telephone lines DC to 6MHz
EX-JP-K3 type JP-K3 type DC and AC power supply superimposed circuit
EX-JP-N1 type JP-N1 type Used with all lines other than non balanced lines
EX-JP-H3 type JP-H3 type Telemetry lines, etc.
EX-JP-E1 type JP-E1 type Same as above. However, use to protect equipment when earth voltage is high, but line withstand voltage is low.
EX-Y49-450 type Y49-450 type Insulated coupling protection for pipelines, etc.