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Protective devices for signal transmission circuitry TS33S type, TS36S type, TS66S type



These devices are used as part of lightning surge protection measures for railroad signal CTC and emergency speed control devices, level crossing central monitoring devices, electronic blocking devices and other ME type signal equipment transmission junctions.
The TS5-36 type with 5kV withstand voltage is also available.


【Dimensions】 TS33S :W110×D32×H57
TS36S :W110×D32×H57
TS66S :W110×D32×H57

Main performance characteristics
Item Performance characteristics
Used as discharge type Used as insulation type
Transmission frequency range 0.3 to 10 kHz
Signal level 20 dBm

Impedance ratio
(track side:equipment side)

(TS33S type)370Ω:370Ω
(TS36S type)370Ω:600Ω
((TS66S type)600Ω:600Ω
attenuation 0.5dB or less (0.3 to 10kHz)
Impulse Between earths, between lines
Protection level 10/200μs, 3000V applied within 50V
AC protection level Between earths, between lines
50/60Hz, 500V applied within 50V
Impulse life (10/200μs) 400A, 100 times
Impulse discharge current withstand capacity (10/200μs)5000A
AC life (50/60Hz) 20A, 0.1s, 10 times
AC withstand capacity (50/60Hz)20A,1s
Withstand voltage Between equipment side and earth,
between terminals and mounting plate
AC (50/60Hz) 3000V, 1 min.
Between equipment side and earth,
between terminals and mounting plate,
between track side to equipment side
AC (50/60Hz) 3000V, 1 min.