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Thiết bị bảo vệ (cho nguồn điện)


Protective device (for electrical power)  「 」model



This protective device (arrester) is used to protect insulators on AC train lines in the event of insulator flashover, and to prevent earth potential rise in platforms and electropotential rise in substation earthing systems in the event of a bus ground fault at a substation.

By type Discharge spark-over current No. of electrodes Dimensions (mm) Use
No. 2 2000A 2 φ100× approx. H140 for BT type train tracks
Overhead earth
No. 3 2000A 3 φ200× approx. H255 AT type AC electrification
Station within zone
No. 4 3000A 2 φ200× approx. H255 for substations
Main performance characteristics
Item No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
Discharge spark-over voltage AC2500V±15% AC2500V±20% AC3000V±15%
Current withstand capacity AC2000A, 0.4 sec.,
every 30 sec. 2 times
AAC2000A, 0.4 sec.,
every 30 sec. 2 times
AC3000A・0.5 sec. 1 time
Withstand voltage With electrodes removed, commercial frequency AC 10kV applied across both terminals for 1 min. without abnormality.
Insulation resistance Electrodes 0.5mm or more apart, 1000MΩ or more with DC1000V megger across terminals.