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Surge print


Surge print  

Surge print is a simple lightning surge detection device that allows visual confirmation of the traces of lightning surge current that enters communication and earth lines, etc. It combines the following four design features: compact size, requires no power supply, easily attached, low cost.

 Winner of the Good Design Award 2011




Surge print


Surge print




① Easily attached to earth wires (or communication wires).

  ★The device is particularly effective when attached to the earth wires of an SPD.

② Lightning surges can be checked at a glance.

  (The affected line is shown on the display.)

③ Does not require a power supply.

④ Can be attached easily to a variety of cable sizes.

  S size ⇒ for φ3 to 4 (e.g. IV wires equivalent to 1.25sq, 2sq, 3.5sq)

M size ⇒ for φ5 to 6 (e.g. IV wires equivalent to 5.5sq, 8sq)

⑤ Maintenance-free (throw away type).


Operation display



    The passage of a lightning surge can be confirmed at a glance, as shown below.

 Operation display

 Note 1:Keep the device away from magnets. Also, do not place or install the device near to magnetic objects.

     The proximity of magnetic force may cause malfunction.

 Note 2:This device is a simple lightning surge current detector. The operation display described above is only a guide.
    The operation display may differ according to the lightning surge waveform and the diameter of the cable, etc.
    Also, the device may not react to unusual lightning surge waveforms (such as those of an extremely short duration,  etc.).
     In order to detect and display accurate lightning surge current values and counts, we recommend Sankosha’s lightning surge measurement instruments and surge counters.
 Note 3:Do not install the device onto a power supply line.
       Also, do not install the device onto communication wires (motor control wires, etc.) that are prone to inrush current.
     The device may react to large currents such as power supply and inrush current, and become unable to fulfill its original purpose of detecting lightning surge current.