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Smart SPD loại SMB-KRAPS1




IEC Category C2・D1 compliant
Lightning surge current measurement and replacement recommendation display function (Smart SPD series)
SPD for disconnection modules of KRONE LSA-PLUS which has a global share of communication terminals for MDF and IDF. It provides protections for EAX, etc.

IEC 61643-21, Category C2・D1 compliant

RoHS compliant

Replacement recommendation display function

Lightning surge count function

Deterioration display function

Plug-in type for KRONE LSA-PLUS disconnection modules


Display function


SMB-KR display

LED display with a push button shows the following conditions:

Replacement recommendation level (push a button, once)
[Green (OK)]: SPD is normal.
[Yellow (CHECK)]: Lightning surge is being applied. Replacement is recommended in multi-lightning regions, etc.
[Red (Replacement)]: Lightning surge over our standard value is being applied. Early replacement is recommended.
[All (Deterioration)]: SPD is deteriorated and needs to be replaced.


Surge count display (push a button, twice)- 3 types of LED count up to three-digit numbers.
The number of red flash light: The hundred’s digit
The number of yellow flash light: The ten’s digit
The number of green flash light: The one’s digit

Main performance characteristics
Item Measurement conditions Smart SPD SMB-KRAPS1
Applications ADSL
General telephone lines
Maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc) DC 180V
Rated current DC 100mA
Series resistance L1-T1,L2-T2 DC 100mA 10Ω or less (except resistant value after tripping)
Insertion loss DC〜5MHz 1.0dB or less
Voltage protection level(Up) 1.2/50μs 10kV

T1・T2-E:500V or less

T1-T2(between lines):500V or less

T1-T2(line-ground):100V or less

Maximum discharge current (Imax) 8/20μs 10kA(one line: 5kA)
Impulse durability (※) Category C2
(8/20μs 10kA)
10 times
Category D1
(10/350μs 2.5kA)
2 times
Deterioration display  Yes
 ※Category C2 in Impulse durability is the sum of 2 lines’ values, Category D1 is one line’s value.