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Commercial power supply method  

This obstacle light is powered from the commercial power supply.


OM-3B type low intensity obstacle light (commercial power supply method)


OM-3B type low intensity aircraft warning light (commercial power supply method)



●Civil Aviation Bureau authorization No. Lighting No. 72
The OM-3B type low intensity obstacle light uses a neon tube as its light source.
This gives it a much longer life than conventional models that use electric bulbs as a light source.


Main performance features

Item Low intensity obstacle light
Light source Neon tube
Lamp light Fixed red light
Max. luminous intensity 32 cd (candela) or more
Power consumption 80VA
Input voltage AC100V
Light source life 10,000 hours or longer
Attachment hole 4-φ17.5 (on φ110 circumference)
Wiring hole

Parallel thread (22 mm thick conductive tube)

for PF3/4 tube

Color Yellow red (IEC W 8301)
Weight Lamp section 1.5 kg
Power supply section 9 kg
Civil Aviation Bureau authorization No Lighting No. 72

OM-3C type low intensity obstacle light


OM-3C type low intensity aircraft warning light



The OM-3C low intensity obstacle light uses an LED (light emitting diode) as its light source, giving it a longer life and low energy consumption.
● Super long life (25,000 hours)
Using an LED as the light source enables the light’s life to be extended. This allows a reduction in maintenance and inspection when the lights are installed in high and dangerous locations, and also cuts down on maintenance labor costs.
●Low power consumption
By using ultra-bright LED, this product is able to achieve low power consumption of just 10W.


Main performance features

Item Specifications
Optical properties Light spec. No. 243 Amendment 6 compliant
Rated input voltage AC100V
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Insulation resistance 30 MΩ (between conductor and lamp body, at DC 500V)
Insulation withstand voltage AC 1,500V, 1 min. (between conductor and lamp body)
Active power 10 W or lower
Operating temperature -30℃ to +45℃
Storage temperature -30℃ to +60℃
Wind speed 90 m/sec
Rated life duration 25,000 hours
Estimated weight Approx. 2.5 kg