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Electrostatic induction method  

These obstacle light use electrostatically induced power from electric power lines.


OM-3B type low intensity obstacle light (electrostatic induction method)

When overhead earth wires are partially insulated, electrostatically induced power can be drawn from power lines from the Capacitance between the power lines and the insulated overhead ground wires (I GW). Obstacle light that use electrical power obtained in this way as their power source are called electrostatic induction method obstacle light.
In the electrostatic induction method, insulating the overhead ground wires makes it easy to extract electrical power, making it possible to install obstacle light in locations where it would be difficult to lay power lines, such as riverbeds and mountainous regions.
Also, since the electrostatic induction method does not involve any connection to power lines, it is a safe method that does not allow general users to be affected by irregular voltage resulting from lightning strikes on towers, etc. Using power electrostatically induced from power lines to light obstacle light is extremely effective in saving energy, reducing installation costs and providing long life lighting.
● Civil Aviation Bureau authorization No. Lighting No. 87
● Utility model registered product

Main performance features

Item Performance
Light source Red neon tube
Lamp light Fixed red light
Max. luminous intensity 32 cd (candela) or more
Rated current 20mA
Frequency 50 Hz or 60Hz
Life 5,000 hours or more