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PMZ type


PMZ type



IEC Class II compliant

Power supply SPDs to protect AC powers supply circuits from lightning surge.

IEC 61643-1 compliant

RoHS compliant

Deterioration and defect display function 

Built-in isolation function to prevent overheating in the event of deterioration

A single unit can provide protection across lines and grounds

Main performance characteristics
Item PMZ2-200 PMZ3-200

Two-wire system


Three-wire system


Test class IEC 61643-1 Class II
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc (inter line,to ground) AC275V
Maximum discharge current Imax 8/20μs 10kA(single wire)
Nominal discharge current In 8/20μs 5kA(single wire)
Voltage protection level Up  8/20μs 1,500V or less
Impulse life 8/20μs,1000A 500 times
Device deterioration facility   Yes
Dimensions (mm)  


(*Except protrusions and wires)