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NET Barrier PoE Model: LAN-P60


NET Barrier PoE Model:LAN-P-60



This product is an IEEE802.3af compliant SPD (surge protective device) for LAN that is used to protect network equipment from irregular voltage induced into Power over Ethernet lines (B type). Two types of device are available, to match the supply voltage of the equipment to be protected.


PoE compliant
RoHS compliant


·Can also be used with lines other than PoE lines.

This device can be used commonly on PoE lines (B type), 10base-T, and 100base-TX lines, as well as on mixed LAN networks.

·A DIN rail can be used to provide batch earthing for all devices.

When multiple protective devices are to be installed, the use of a DIN rail means that there is no need to earth all of the devices individually.

·Designed not to distort signals

The product uses tried and tested protective circuitry so as to avoid adversely affecting signals.


[Dimensions] W22×D89×H35



Item Wiring Performance characteristics Remarks
Usable line -



Power over Ethernet (B system)

Operaing transmission bandwidth 1-2
DC〜100MHz -
Transmission loss (Attenuation) 1-2
3.0dB or less on each line
Near-end crosstalk attentuation (Next) 1-2
30dB or more

Between all lines

Maximum operating voltage - DC60V -