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Insulation modules (telecommunications insulation transformer)



Eliminates DC current, such as stray current and the like, from communication lines.
Blocks lightning surge energy propagation paths.
Metallic communication line termination and jumper ring

This device is used to eliminate the stray current that may be generated on metallic cable connecting communication systems installed on different floors, or communication systems taking power from different power systems. And, in addition to preventing mis-operation of equipment, it is also used to protect equipment from damage by lightning surge voltage generated by lightning strikes on buildings.


Mounting examples

Mounting examples
Main performance characteristics
  For high speed
For medium speed
For low speed
Operating frequency bandwidth 100k to 30MHz
10k to 8MHz
500 to 400kHz
Balance - 10kHz 2MHz 8MHz 500Hz 64kHz 400kHz
≧85dB ≧50dB ≧45dB ≧85dB ≧60dB ≧50dB
Impedance 75Ω 110Ω
Impedance deviation -20%〜+20%
Withstand voltage 1.2/50μs、50kV
Connector type BNC Screwless Screwless

Configuration example

Configuration example
Configuration example