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Loại Smart SPD SMB-MZSR200/400


Smart SPD SMB-MZSR200JK1 type


*An image of using 3 bodies


IEC Class II compliant
Smart SPD series which calculate measurements of lightning surge and show when to replace.

Power supply SPD to protect AC power supply circuits from lightning surge.

IEC Class II compliant

RoHS compliant

Replacement recommendation display function 

Lightning surge count display function

Deterioration display function (warning contact output terminal attached)

Plug-in type

DIN rail mountable( 35mm)

Main performance characteristics
Test class IEC 61643-1 Class II
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc   AC275V AC500V
Maximum discharge current Imax 8/20μs 40kA
Nominal discharge current In 8/20μs 20kA
Voltage protection level Up   Based on IEC 1,400V or less 2,500V or less
Dimensions (mm)   W18×D161×H81

 *For SPD (plug) only (without replacement recommendation display function and lightning surge count display function), please use[Model: MZSR-200JK1/MZSR-400JK1].