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Loại RM-VS


RM-VS type



Category C2, Category D1 compliant

This SPD (surge protective device) provides lightning protection for ordinary telephone lines and electronic exchanges and uses R&M made VS compact terminals.

With a width of just 7mm, it is super thin and when combined with an ultra-compact terminal (VS compact terminal), it can enable highly dense configurations of protective wiring boards.

RoHS compliant

 【Dimensions】 W7×D17×H59.5


External appearance

RM-VSA1FS type RM-VSAS type
RM-VSA1FS type RM-VSAS type

Alarm display

Alarm display

Very easily attached.

Very easily attached.
Performance characteristics
Item Measurement conditions RM-VSA1FS RM-VSAS
Application Ordinary telephone line Electronic exchange, ADSL, ISDN、ADSL、ISDN
Insertion loss

1.0dB or less

 (DC to 10MHz)

1.0dB or less

(DC to 1MHz)
Maximum continuous operating voltage DC180V DC180V
Permissible circuit current DC100mA DC100mA
Series resistance DC100mA 8〜11Ω 8〜11Ω
Voltage protection level To ground 1.2kV or less(1.2/50μS 2kV) 350V or less(1.2/50μS 1kV) 
Impulse durability Category C2
2kA (10 times) 1kA (10 times)
Category D1
1kA (2 times) 0.5kA (2 times)
Deterioration display Yes (Pink → Purple)