Thông tin sản phẩm

Loại MZE-100/200


MZE type series  

Induced lightning protection



IEC 62305-4:2006 compliant

Class II (IEC 61643-1:1998) compliant


MZE-100, MZE-200 type


MZE-100, MZE-200 type



This power supply SPD (lightning protective device) provides lightning surge protection for AC100V, AC200V power supply circuits.

Equipped with an LED Device deterioration facility.
Class II compliant
RoHS compliant

【Dimensions】 W20×D75×H60


Induced lightning (8/20μs・5kA) protection

IEC compliant(61643-1)

Equipped with Device deterioration facility

Main performance characteristics
Item MZE-100 MZE-200
Test class IEC 61643-1 Class II
Maximum continuous operating voltage  Uc   Single phase 2 line AC110V Single phase 2 line AC230V
Maximum discharge current  Imax 8/20μs 10kA (3 times)
Nominal discharge current  In 8/20μs 5kA
Voltage protection level  Up Inter line 800V or less 1500V or less
To ground 1500V or less 2500V or less
Device deterioration facility LED display Normal operation: LED ON, abnormal operation: LED OFF