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Loại MZCRW-200JK1





This product is for IEC Class II induced lightning waveformIEC
This is a high withstand capacity type, resisting impulse current up to 80kA.

This power supply SPD (Surge protective device) provides lightning surge protection for power supply circuits up to AC255V.

IEC 61643-1 compliant

IEC 62305-4 compliant

RoHS Directive compliant

Device deterioration facility and warning contacts

Plug-in type

Can be mounted on a DIN rail (35mm)

Main performance characteristics
Item Performance characteristics
Test class IEC 61643-1 ClassII
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc   AC255V
Impulse discharge current Iimp 10/350μs 4kA
Maximum discharge current Imax 8/20μs 80kA
Nominal discharge current In 8/20μs 40kA
Voltage protection level Up   2.1kV
Dimensions (mm)   W36×D98×H78