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LAN SPD to protect servers and computer network devices from lightning surge which enters the Ethernet. Our original high-voltage-withstand insulation transformers insulate between the primary side and second side inside the SPD electrically and shutdown lightning surge. It’s easy to install without grounding.

Cat6/10GBase-T applicable

RoHS compliant

No grounding required(Insulation type)


A mounting panel for LAN SPD to install it on a rack is available (optional).
Fixing metal fittings for LAN SPD to install inside a box as a single unit is available (optional).
Item Performance Remarks
Applicable lines 10GBASE-T(Cat.6),1000BASE-T,
Cat.6A is not applicable.
Frequency bandwidth 1-250MHz  
Transmission loss Less than 2.0dB For each line
Crosstalk attenuation Less than 30dB Between each line
AC withstand voltage
(Cutoff current=1mA for 1min)
More than 2.0kV Between primary and second side
Impulse withstand voltage
More than 5.0kV Between primary and second side
Insulation resistance
(DC 500V)
More than 1000M-ohm Between primary and second side
Connection terminal RJ-45 8-poles 8 cores