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Loại LAN-1000IS





This product is an SPD (surge protective device) for LAN that can be used to protect servers, PCs and network equipment from lightning surges that may enter the network. The SPD has insulation transformers on the primary and secondary sides that provide electrical insulation, blocking lightning surges. Since there is no need for earthing, installation is very easy.

1000BASE-T compliant
RoHS compliant


A handy rack mounted SPD for LAN panel is also available (sold separately).
Item Performance characteristics Remarks
Usable line 1000BASE-T,100BASE-TX,10BASE-T  
Frequency bandwidth 1 to 100MHz  
Transmission loss 3.0dB or less on each line
Near-end crosstalk attentuation 30dB or less Between all lines
AC withstand voltage 3kV or more ,1 min. Between primary and secondary
Impulse voltage 1.2/50μs,5kV or more Between primary and secondary