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Loại LAN-1000BO





This product is an SPD (surge protective device) for LAN that can be used with direct lightning waveforms and high speed LAN (1000Base-T). Where there are large scale LAN in office buildings and the like (especially high buildings where there are external LAN cables and which may be prone to lightning strikes), lightning surges may possibly travel through the network and damage servers and individual PCs. GUARDIAN NET swiftly diverts lightning surges into the earth and protects servers and PCs on the network.


IEC 61643-21 Category C2, D1 compliant
High speed LAN (Cat5e/1000BASE-T) compliant
RoHS compliant


A handy rack mounted SPD for LAN panel is also available (sold separately)
Item Performance characteristics Remarks
Applicable liness 1000BASE-T,100BASE-TX,10BASE-T -
Bit error rate 0.01%or less -
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more    At DC100V
    (Between external line and equipment)
At DC100V
AC withstand voltage 1kV, 1min.
    (Between external line and equipment)
Impulse withstand voltage At 1.2/50μs, 1.5kV or more
    (Between external line and equipment)
DC sparkover voltage 75V±20%
    (Between external line and earth)
At 100V/sec
Voltage protection level 1kV or less
(Between external line and earth)
1.2/50μs, 2kV applied
Impulse durability 8/20μs, 5kA 10 times
(Between external line and earth)
Category C2
10/350μs, 2kA 2 times
(Between external line and earth)
Category D1