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Loại AV3P-1, Loại AV3P-2


AV3P-1 type, AV3P-2 type



These are compact, three electrode type power supply protective devices that provide lightning surge protection for power supply circuits of up to AC 125V and 240V. They are element type devices that can be mounted on PCBs and are useful in space-limited installation.

UL approved (AV3P1:E328370)
RoHS compliant

【Dimensions】 AV3P1: W22 × D19 × H40

AV3P-1 type: W22 × D19 × H40

AV3P-2 type: W25 × D19 × H40

Main performance characteristics



AV3P-1 AV3P-2
Maximum continuous operating voltage AC125V AC240V
Impulse protection level 800V 1,200V
Impulse discharge current 8/20μs、9kA