Thông tin sản phẩm

Hệ thống bảo vệ chống sét 200


Lightning Protection System 200



As protection against equipment damage when antennae and other transceiver equipment or communications equipment rooms and the like are directly struck by lightning, and as a protection against lightning backflow, we recommend lightning protection comprising an insulated lightning rod with lightning-proof cable and horizontal remote earth.


In this method, an insulated lightning rod is the lightning receptor and is isolated from the tower or other structure to be protected. Then, a Sankosha-developed lightning-proof cable is laid in order to suppress the impact of lightning current on the feeder lines. Further, by discharging the current at a distance, electropotential rise in equipment can be kept extremely low in comparison with ordinary facilities, and the internal damage to equipment due to direct lightning strikes lessened. Also, there are cases where lightning backflow causes the power distribution arrester to activate, discharging the current externally and increasing the damage. The insulated lightning rod has insulated support struts or polymer isolators, and the insulated lightning-proof cable also has a high impulse withstand voltage (200kV).


*In areas that are prone to lightning and for use in important facilities such as wireless relay stations, we recommend “Lightning Protection System 500”, which has a withstand voltage of 500kV.