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Relay coil SU type, SUR type



This device is a relay coil fitted with a protective device that protects people and equipment from irregular current that may be induced onto railroad tracks when a relay coil has been installed between communication equipment and track and track and communication equipment, in order to match impedance and lessen induction voltage.

【Dimensions】 SU type :W138×D48×H95
SUR type:W180×D54×H126

Main performance characteristics
Item Performance characteristics
Type SU33 SU36 SU314 SU66 SU614 SU1414
SUR33 SUR36 SUR314 SUR66 SUR614 SUR1414
Transmission frequency 0.3 to 3.4kHz
Impedance ratio(Ω) (1-3 side: 4-6 side) 370:370 370:600 1400:370 600:600 1400:600 1400:1400
attenuation 0.5dB or less (0.3 to 3.4kHz, test level 0dBm)
Attenuation mismatch 15dB or more(0.3 to 3.4kHz, test level 0dBm)
Winding unbalance voltage attenuation 80dB or more(1kHz)
16Hz attenuation
*Note SUR “ “ type only
1.5dB or less [45V applied at around 600Ω to (1-2-3) and
(4-5-6) side around 600Ω, terminating at 2000Ω]
Ccore non-linear distortion Test voltage (V) 3.9(±1%) 5(±1%) 7.7(±1%)
Test frequency  1kHz Distortion attenuation (dB) 45.5 or more 50 or more 57.5 or more
Capacitance (1-2-3-) side 100pF or less (test frequency  1kHz, non measured terminals not earthed)
Unbalance ratio (4-5-6) side 100pF or less (test frequency  1kHz, non measured terminals not earthed)
Insulation resistance
100MΩ or more (DC 250V) 
SUR type only
(1-2-3) to (4-5-6) 100MΩ or more (DC 500V)
(1-2-3) to E
(4-5-6) to E
Withstand voltage (1-2-3) to (4-5-6) AC (50/60Hz) 750V (effective value), 1 min.
Mounted SPD (1,3) to E SPD M-D491 type
(4,6) to E