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Các sản phẩm tiếp địa liên quan

Các sản phẩm tiếp địa liên quan

 At Sankosha, we work hard to ensure that our earthing products are highly corrosion resistant and long lasting.

Our product lineup includes conductive coated SAN-FLEX wire, SAN-FLEX kit and titanium belts.

And, we recommend the use of SAN-EARTH, a conductive concrete for reducing earth resistance.

SAN-EARTH is non-polluting and environmentally friendly, making it safe to use.

Các sản phẩm tiếp địa liên quan

Earth SPD Earth SPD
In lightning countermeasures, it is very effective to equipotentialize the various earths within a building, but the effect of noise, etc., means that it can sometimes be very difficult to share earths.
SAN-EARTH is a conductive concrete type earth resistance reducing material, mainly composed of carbon (amorphous carbon) and cement.
This is a D type corrosion resistant earthing material for use in private housing.

Tư vấn giải pháp tiếp địa

Earthing design Earthing design
We study the optimal earthing installation methods after taking the various conditions into account (earth resistivity, site surface area, cost, topography, etc.).
Earth resistivity Earth resistivity
Earth resistance varies proportionally with the resistivity of the earth and soil. It is generally easier to achieve low earth resistance in areas where the earth resistivity is low.
Soil analysis Soil analysis
Based on the results of earth resistivity measurements, we produce a ρ-a curve in order to calculate the average earth resistivity

Giảm điện trở của đất là gì?

Pile driving method Pile driving method
A simple boring method using SAN-FLEX cable.
San-earth boring San-earth boring
We drill deep underground and insert the earth electrodes and inject SAN-EARTH.
SAN-EARTH is laid around the earth electrodes to create a highly efficient earth electrode.

Tuổi thọ tiếp đất là gì?

This approach uses a titanium belt that gives the earth electrode excellent corrosion resistance.
SAN-FLEX wiring method SAN-FLEX wiring method
Protecting earth electrodes with conductive wire covering enables long lasting earthing.