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Shelters (cubicles) are equipment storage boxes based on a portable, integrated structure made from SUS and steel plate, and feature heat resistant material between the outer and inner panels.







These products are principally used in mobile communications base stations, and we meet our customers’ needs by offering a total package facility, from design to installation.
●The product is manufactured with structural specifications that make expansion and remodeling easy, in consideration of future needs.
●The product can be built to order, using salt resistant, corrosion resistant and weight bearing materials, structure and coating, etc., to meet the demands of products in areas of salt damage, heavy industry and heavy snowfalls.
●We can provide products that are lightweight and have excellent heat resistance properties.
●We can also produce on-site assembly versions for installation in mountainous regions and other environments where delivery of a pre-assembled product would be difficult.
●Coating colors can be selected to match the surroundings.
●When installing shelters, we can provide a total facility that ranges from basic design to installation, wiring and lightning countermeasures, etc.


■ Types

(1) Pre-assembled type
The shelter is delivered assembled and lowered onto side and installed on foundations.
We can also deliver shelters fully kitted with all internal fittings.

(2) On-site assembly type
The product comprises panels that are available in a wide range of sizes.
The panels are screwed (bolted) together and are easily assembled within a short time.
The shelters can be delivered to difficult installation locations, such as rooftops, below towers, in mountainous regions, etc.


 We can also deliver a range of equipment to be added as needs require.