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Biến áp chịu sét loại TC


Lightning Transformer STC type (Cabinet-housed type)



Ideally suited for lightning protection for power supply circuits
Lightning surge conversion rate 1/1000 or lower.
The (power supply) lightning transformer is a protective device for power supply circuits, comprising a shielded high withstand voltage insulation transformer and an RP-200 type or similar power supply protective device. The device insulates the power supplies of places like radio relay stations and equipment rooms from lightning surges, thus offering protection to power supply equipment and computers, telemetry and other types of equipment power supplies.
The use of lightning transformers can help to avoid power outages and equipment operation stoppage due to lightning surges, and is highly effective in improving system reliability.

Main performance characteristics
Item Standard
Input/ Output voltage AC100V, AC200V, AC400V, AC100/200V
by termination type (no. of phases) Single phase (2 line, 3 line) 3 phase 3 line (delta dermination)
Capacity Single phase 0.5 to 30kVA
3 phase 5 to 100kVA
Operating frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Insulation resistance At DC500V, 100MΩ or more
Withstand voltage Across input/ output AC10kV (1 min.)
impulse (1.2/50μs) 30kV
Across input/ earth
Across output/ earth AC3kV (1 min.)
Voltage fluctuation rate and efficiency Single phase capacity 1kVA or less 2kVA 3kVA or more
Voltage fluctuation rate and efficiency 5% or lower 4% or lower 3% or lower
Efficiency 93% or higher 95% or higher
3 phase capacity 7.5kVA or less 10 to 30kVA 40kVA or more
Voltage fluctuation rate and efficiency 4% or lower 3% or lower 3% or lower
Efficiency 94% or higher 95% or higher 96% or higher
By insulation type Single phase B type
3 phase B type
Temperature rise limit 75℃ or less
Surge conversion rate 1/1,000 or less
* The figures given above are one example of performance capability. We can manufacture a wide range of product types to match your needs.